Barbara Corcoran Doesn’t Think She Believes in the Glass Ceiling, But She Does

Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran Photo: John Fleenor/Getty Images

Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, whose net worth is a sweet $80 mil, said some pretty dumb stuff about women on a recent appearance on The View:

I think that’s a fallacy promulgated out there. Nobody is putting women down … The women I know that have been in corporate America that made it to a certain rank, they opt out more than anything because they have good judgment. They think “Is this worth it?” No. “Is the politics worth it?” No. “Do I want to spend more time raising my family and being a good parent?” Yes. They make a quality-of-life judgment. I think that’s more of it than anything else, than guys putting girls down.

Hmm … women are choosing to leave their careers to focus on families, you say? Because they can’t work and raise kids at the same time, since the U.S. doesn’t legally require businesses to provide paid family leave? So isn’t the very fact that women are forced to choose between work and family a very real example of the glass ceiling …?


Barbara Corcoran Doesn’t Buy the Glass Ceiling