love in the time of venture capitalism

Start-Up Helps You Buy Your Girlfriend’s Love

Photo: Amiel/Corbis

Imagine this: You’re a busy and important man — perhaps a venture capitalist working on the male Slimfast — and your girlfriend is upset because you always keep forgetting to spend time with her! Sure, you’d like to make up all those missed birthdays by buying her presents, but you’re so busy, you can’t even handle doing that.

This age-old problem finally has a solution: a start-up called Created by the perennially busy businessman Dan Sullivan, Better Boyfriend is “a service that sends girlfriends and wives a present every month for about $70.”

What makes Better Boyfriend special? The girlfriends don’t even know about it! The service actually sends the gifts, unmarked, to the boyfriends themselves, so they can pretend like they were the thoughtful ones who chose the gifts.

There’s also a free alternative: recognizing that women are not simply in relationships for mediocre monthly gifts and actually making an effort to be a solid partner — but who has time for that?

Start-Up Helps You Buy Your Girlfriend’s Love