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‘Feyonce’ Knockoffs Are So Not Beyoncé-Approved

Don't mess with her name. Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images
Don’t mess with her name. Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images

When my best friend got engaged a few years ago, she took to calling herself a “Feyoncé,” because it sounded and looked better than the traditional word — and because of the obvious Queen Bey reference. “Feyoncé” became a hashtag more popular for her nuptials than any punlike reference to her new last name. And come on, of all days to feel like Beyoncé, shouldn’t it be your wedding day?

Apparently Bey might not think so — at least when it comes to the party-favor options.

She is suing Texas company Feyonce Inc. (without accented e) for selling clothing merchandise, coffee mugs, and more bearing the same name, reports Reuters. Bey took the San Antonio company and three other individuals to a Manhattan federal court, where she also brought attention to a particular mug that reads, “He put a ring on it.”

More information about Feyonce Inc. is not immediately available, but Bey said that one individual defendant, Andre Maurice, has registered two trademarks under the Feyonce name — with and without the accent.

Beyoncé Is Suing Feyonce Inc.