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DJ Magazine, a Real Publication, Failed to Include a Single Woman on Its Big Anniversary Cover

DJ Magazine's 25th Anniversary Cover
DJ Magazine’s 25th Anniversary Cover Photo: Courtesy of DJ Mag

DJ Magazine, a magazine for DJs and the people who love them, recently put out a 25th-anniversary issue. To celebrate 25 years of spinning sick beats (as the DJs say), they featured 25 DJs on the cover.

That’s a lot of DJs! If you asked me to name 25 DJs, I couldn’t do it off the top of my head. I know of maybe five DJs, tops, and that was after Googling “is Diplo a DJ?”

But the editors of DJ Magazine are presumably DJ experts. They can choose 25 important DJs, no problem. Thing is, none of them are women.

They even acknowledged the absence of women in their announcement about the issue, writing, “The final list of 25 was the result of much debate in the office, and you may notice just from glancing at the cover that there are no women in the 25 — a fact we’re all too aware of at DJ Mag. Is there anyone we should have included? And if so in place of who?”

Considering they’re already aware of the outrage to come, one would think they’d have done something to remedy it before the issue came out.

But they explained their decision to go forward with the all-male cover in a statement to the FADER:

To celebrate 25 Years of DJ Mag we chose the 25 most pioneering dance figures of the past 25 years and ran editorial on each referencing what exactly it was they pioneered. Like all subjective lists, it caused much debate in the office. The main issue we came across was the inclusion (or lack of inclusion) of any women (something mentioned in the editor’s letter). Eventually, after a painstaking process, we concluded that of the 25 we have chosen none can be refuted and made a conscious decision to avoid tokenism.

Ah, yes, tokenism. So brave of them to take a stand on this.

Anyways, DJ Magazine is a dumb name for a magazine because it sounds like it could be a DJ name too. A dumb one. 

DJ Magazine Fails to Include Women on Cover