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Why This NFL Player Wore a Very Distracting Crop Top

Ezekiel Elliott.
Ezekiel Elliott. Photo: John J. Kim/2016 MCT

Walking the NFL Draft’s red carpet on Thursday night, the Dallas Cowboys’ new running back, Ezekiel Elliott, unbuttoned his baby-blue Pantheon Limited suit, revealed the world’s most distracting male crop top, and surprised everyone with his impeccable abs. (Or were you just looking at his creamy-white pants?)

“I wanted to be a little different than everyone else,” the 20-year-old explained, wearing a silk bow tie and loafers in robin’s-egg blue. “I’m known as the hero in the half-shirt, so I had to go out on the red carpet with a crop top.”

Indeed, he had to: The former Ohio State running back was known for rolling up his jersey during the team’s 2014 national championship season. When the NCAA banned crop tops last year (yes, that really happened), an entire campus fought to see Elliott’s abs: Nearly 12,000 people signed a change.org petition to bring his crop top back, “Because Ohio State and football fans want to see their players continue to wear the things that have made them beloved by fans worldwide.” Meaning, of course, his beloved abs.

Why This NFL Player Wore a Distracting Crop Top