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Just Attending a Wedding As a Guest Is Expensive As Hell

Whether or not you're a bridesmaid.
Whether or not you’re a bridesmaid. Photo: Universal Pictures

If you’re going to a wedding this summer, it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a bridesmaid — expect to drop $700 just for being there.

Further proving the astronomical costs of American weddings, a spending report released this week by American Express revealed that the average wedding guest will pay $703 per night and attend three weddings this year. Meaning: You’ll flush away $2,100 of your annual income on airfare, fancy outfits, strapless dresses you’ll never wear again, etc. (Woe is me: This report doesn’t include bachelorette parties or wedding showers.)

Millennials, America’s largest living and most hated generation, spend the most extravagantly (because, millennials): $893 per wedding, or 27 percent more than everyone else. Millennials who appear in wedding parties spend the most: $928.

Just saying: Better to be a plus-one.

Just Going to a Wedding Is Expensive As Hell