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Model–Hockey Player Is the Dude Version of Model-DJ

Photo: mantasarmalis/Instagram

You know how every girl in Soho seems to be gainfully employed as a model-DJ, a seemingly unattainable job you secretly covet while clocking in the hours at your stodgy nine-to-five? Well, we’ve finally located the model-DJ male equivalent: model–hockey player.

Meet Mantas Armalis, who just signed on to be the San Jose Sharks’ new goalie. In addition to walking runway shows, the 23-year-old Lithuanian god is also an accomplished athlete, boasting one of the highest save percentages of any goalie in the Swedish hockey league he plays for. His most important accomplishment, however, is that face. That exquisite face! Though with the dirty-blond hair and perfectly chiseled jaw he does have the air of someone who might’ve bullied you in high school.

Nobody tell him what a high-velocity puck could do to that beautiful face.

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