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IMAX Spin Class Combines Two Intense Things Into One Too-Intense Thing

No thanks.
No thanks. Photo: IMAXSHIFT

One major key to exercising is doing everything in your power to distract yourself from the fact that you’re a bag of flesh moving in uncomfortable and strenuous ways. IMAXShift has tapped into that with a combination IMAX-screen experience and spin class that honestly sounds like a little much.

Riders at an IMAXShift spin class will be focusing on a giant IMAX screen that projects scenes like Hawaiian beaches, the entire solar system, or some miscellaneous, seizure-inducing lights. They promise “a ride that’s intense, emotional, spiritual, performance-driven and altogether epic,” but just watching the video while seated at a computer is dizzying.

IMAXShift opens on April 28 at a studio in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and one class costs $31 — so, you know, about same price as a movie ticket with popcorn and candy.

IMAX Spin Class Sounds Way Too Intense