We Need to Talk About Taylor Swift’s Choker Problem

Photo: marhunt/Instagram

Taylor Swift mused “I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?” in a recent Instagram post, which is a little like saying “I feel like maybe necklaces are the new hats?” It was also, we would soon learn, a threat. The musician would go on to wear four (4) different kinds of chokers in one (1) day.

Before her proclamation, she warmed up by donning a formalwear choker at a wedding in San Antonio.

Swift then flew to California for Coachella, where she was spotted in a thick Dannijo Wen choker, until she changed into a star-strewn choker later in the day. Not content with a single choker, Us Weekly reports that “one Erin Dana Rusted Silver Python Choker was wrapped around each of Swift’s ankles.”

Taylor, your ankles? It’s worse than we thought.

Let’s Talk About Taylor Swift’s Choker Problem