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Man Attempts to Stop Woman From Using Women’s Restroom

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Rush/Dallas Observer

It turns out that a state doesn’t need to pass a transphobic bathroom bill to get its citizens to police public restrooms.

Jessica Rush, who was born as and identifies as female, but has short hair and dresses androgynously, attempted to use the women’s room at the Baylor Medical Center in Frisco, Texas, on Thursday. Rush was followed in there by a man who wanted to make sure she wasn’t a man. She taped the encounter, which you can watch below:

Rush told the Dallas Observer that she’s been stopped in the women’s room at Hobby Lobby and at her gym’s locker room before, for similar reasons.

Later on, in the hospital’s waiting room, he elaborated that he was with his mother and was concerned that she had not entered the correct bathroom.

Video Apr 28, 2 13 35 PM from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Spoiler: He was the only man in the women’s room.

Man Tries to Stop Woman From Using Women’s Room