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Man Unsatisfied With Harriet Tubman’s Smile

Nope, all good.
Nope, all good. Photo: UniversalImagesGroup/Getty Images

Harriet Tubman is officially gracing the $20 bill. See ya, Andrew Jackson (literally, see you on the back of the bill — ugh, fine). But just like on every seemingly perfect day, here’s a random dude with the ever-necessary reminder to “smile!”

That’s right: A guy wrote in to the StarTribune to suggest they find a photo of Harriet Tubman that’s more pleasing to the literal male gaze:

On behalf of Harriet Tubman and women everywhere, I would like to say: Nah. This trailblazer and historic figure is good, actually. She just found out she’s going to be the main event on our money and is pretty content as is. Thanks for checking in, though!

Man Wants Harriet Tubman to Smile