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Failed CEOs Truly Can Have It All


Set aside, for a moment, the many things you know, or think you know, about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. The babies, the clothes, the embarrassing Vogue photo shoot, the conventional wisdom that she mismanaged an already-tanking business. Instead, let’s look at what Mayer will get out of all of this if she is pushed out as CEO when Yahoo is sold in the near future:

Mayer has taken home $78m since she was installed as CEO in 2012, according to stock analytics firm MSCI; if she’s dismissed from the company after a buyout she’s set for another $59m, based on the terms of the company’s most recent proxy statement.

Mayer will have brought in $137 million since she started as CEO in 2012. I guess there is a silver lining for (a very small percentage of) women in business?

Failed CEOs Truly Can Have It All