masculinity so fragile

Fragile Masculinity Causes Men to Be Frightened by Mockumentary

The future.
The future.

Imagine, for a moment, a world without men: There’d be nobody to catcall you on the street. Nobody to unfairly out-earn you. Nobody to say you just look prettier without makeup. There’s obviously something attractive about that utopia — and also something darkly hilarious. At least that’s the premise of No Men Beyond This Point, a Sony Pictures film whose trailer recently hit YouTube and made a lot of men extremely upset at the satirical prospect of their obsoleteness.

The mockumentary — written and directed by a dude, by the way — imagines what society would be like if women suddenly became capable of procreating without men and began only having female babies. For example: We would obviously force the majority of them onto the fringes of society, but keep a few trustworthy ones around to hang our bras and carry heavy stuff.

But though the movie is clearly satirizing fragile masculinity and misplaced panic over the growing power of women’s equality, many have missed that point entirely and are mistaking it for a real-life documentary about the future:

“F*cking feminism. Go to hell.”

“Women’s suffrage was a mistake.”

“I don’t know what’s funny, a functioning society with only women at its helm or the fact this isn’t such a far fetched concept for a lot of militant feminists and many gender activists.”

Shit, they’re onto us.

New Mockumentary Envisions a World Without Men