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School Tells Girls to Lengthen Skirts to ‘Create a Good Work Environment for Male Staff’

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

A New Zealand school has come under fire for telling their female students that they must lengthen their skirts to the knee to “stop boys from getting ideas and create a good work environment for male staff.”

The school also said that lengthening the skirts will “keep our girls safe.” How unfortunate that existing in a pubescent female body is inherently unsafe!

Here are some actual things that could keep these girls “safe”:

• Only hiring teachers that won’t get “distracted” by legs.

• Teaching all students and faculty about what constitutes sexual harassment.

• Not telling girls that their bodies are sex objects that must be covered.

• Having students and faculty distracted by these leg-having girls wear blindfolds.

• Not demonizing female students for having bodies.

Girls Told to Lengthen Skirts for Male Teachers