Obese People Now Outnumber Underweight People Worldwide

Photo: Penny Bradfield/Getty Images

The largest obesity study ever, conducted by Lancet, found that obese adults now outnumber underweight adults across the globe. The nations with the most dramatic rise in obesity are (unsurprisingly) the United States, along with the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

The study found that one in seven women and one in ten men are obese.

Mashable points out that this doesn’t mean we’ve made strides in eliminating world hunger. In fact, “the number of underweight people increased from 330 million to 462 million between 1975 and 2014.”

The study also predicts that by 2025 one-fifth of the world’s adults will be obese. The U.K. is especially at risk, considering it currently has the highest obesity rate in Europe.

In the meantime, trade out your fast food for some fresh veggies and pray for the best?

Obese People Now Outnumber Underweight People