This Dad Is Selling 5,000 Vintage Comics to Pay for His Daughter’s College Education

Photo: Daniel Acker/Getty Images

Al Sanders, a dad from the Seattle area, has vowed to sell 5,000 vintage comic books as a commitment to getting his daughter a proper college education. “She is the prettiest flower in my garden,” Sanders said about his teen daughter Rose. Get it? Have you ever heard a more dad story in your life?

Sanders told ABC News that when he met his wife, she grumbled at the ten boxes of comic books, to which he told her, “They’re my comic books and they come with me.” But it turns out that, as we age, more important things come into our worlds, and with the impending tuition fees Sanders will have to pay, his comic books would have to go.

“We see all these stories of kids having to take out loans to be able to go. We want to try to avoid that,” he told ABC News. “If there’s anything that can help defray the cost of her getting started then that’s what we’re going to do.” He’ll be traveling to Emerald City Comicon this weekend to see if he can start raking in college tuition for his 16-year-old daughter.

Old Comic Books to Fund Girl’s College Education