Watch This Perfect Rebuttal to the ‘She Was Asking for It’ Argument

Any woman can tell you, it doesn’t matter what you do or what you wear, you can still be the target of sexual harassment and assault. Nothing points up the absurdity of judging the value of victims’ stories based on their behaviors, choices, or provocative outfits like grilling a woman in a chicken mascot onesie. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a bathing suit or a chicken suit, carrying your birth control on hand, or hanging out in “busy, well-lit areas in the middle of the day,” women are never “asking for it.”

PYPO is partnering with the White House’s It’s On Us campaign to raise awareness about sexual assault during their Week of Action. PYPO is also offering a chicken-emblazoned coffee mug and canvas pouch for sale, with all net proceeds going to It’s On Us.

The Perfect Response to ‘She Was Asking for It’