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Pornhub Is Really Scraping the Bottom of the Joke Barrel This April Fools’ Day


April Fools’ Day is played-out as hell, and Google already learned that lesson the hard way. Now Pornhub — er I mean, Cornhub — has blessed us with an unfunny joke. 

You see, when you go to, Cornhub shows up. It gives you video options like “slob on the cob,” “hot young corn gets plowed,” and “first time kernel popping.”

Wait, do you not get the joke?

You see, corn rhymes with porn. So rather than the Pornhub homepage showing pornography, like it usually does, it’s showing porn-inspired corn videos.

If you click — and if you’re at work do not click — it takes you back to porn.

Here are some ideas for future April Fools’ Day “pranks” for Pornhub:

• French hornhub

• Baby bjornhub

• Jason Bournehub

• Mournhub: people crying

• Shornhub: sheared sheep

• Popcornhub: a take on the already classic Cornhub

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