Governor Rick Scott Releases Ad That Attacks Woman Who Called Him Out at Starbucks

Governor Scott is probably pretty pleased with his comeback.
Governor Scott is probably pretty pleased with his comeback. Photo: Erik Kellar/Getty Images

Florida governor Rick Scott was caught off-guard on Wednesday while trying to grab a cup of coffee, instead receiving an earful from a woman who took issue with his recent approval of a law that effectively defunded Planned Parenthood. After being righteously ripped by Cara Jennings for being “an embarrassment to our state,” Scott left without a latte or a comeback. But he’s determined to get his word in, releasing an attack ad yesterday against Jennings.

Titled “Latte Liberal Gets an Earful,” the ad was created by Rick Scott’s official Super PAC, Let’s Get to Work. It begins by identifying all the things about Jennings that Rick Scott thinks one should be worried about: her “terribly rude” coffee shop behavior, being a former government employee who refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and calling herself an anarchist. The ad goes on to defend Scott’s creation of jobs in the Gainesville area, before ending by snarkily answering Jennings’s original question (“Who here has a great job?”) with: “Almost everybody, except those who are sitting around coffee shops, surfing the internet, and cursing at customers who come in.”

Surely the Let’s Get to Work members were high-fiving each other over delivering that sick burn against a single Florida citizen, not currently an elected official, who took issue with Scott’s political actions. Jennings herself (who spoke to the Daily Dot on Wednesday about the original video’s context) managed to respond a little more maturely. “Gov. Scott and his PAC are bullies,” she said to Florida’s Sun Sentinel. “Instead of addressing the issues I brought up he’s using the power of his PAC to try to intimidate someone who spoke out against his policies.” If this trend of insecure politicians personally attacking any constituent who happens to disagree with them continues, Donald Trump’s going to have a lot of ad buys to make.

Rick Scott Ad Attacks Woman Who Called Him Out