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Rose McGowan on the Power of the Buzz Cut

Rose McGowan.
Rose McGowan. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

It was late last year when Rose McGowan debuted her buzz cut. So how does she feel about it now? “I feel very powerful having the cut, and very cold, usually,” the actress told us at the Tribeca Film Festival opening-night premiere of The First Monday in May. “It makes you stand up a little taller, and your shoulders are a little more squared, because you’re not hiding anything from anybody, and you don’t actually care.” She says she also enjoys scaring “insecure” people with the look.

Shaving hers off was not the result of some cathartic breakthrough. “I actually had no moment of freak-out, I didn’t want to challenge myself, I just no longer wanted to be part of a club I didn’t want to be in,” McGowan said. “I no longer wanted to conform to Hollywood, or whatever I was supposed to be. It really makes you unable to be a commodity on their terms.”

Maintenance is minimal, which McGowan says is brilliant — except for that whole Dry Bar investment. “I’m an investor in a company called Dry Bar, but I can’t say that I’m the best advertisement for it,” she joked. “In fact, I’m sure they’re ashamed of me.”

Rose McGowan on the Power of the Buzz Cut