The Winner of Last Night’s American Idol Finale Was RupHall

Photo: FOX

A new relationship is all about sharing new experiences. Steamy celeb couple RupHall — known to plebs as 198-year-old media mogul Rupert Murdoch and 59-year-old ex-model Jerry Hall — know this better than most. They have been spotted all around the world, celebrating their love by doing various fun activities, whether it be an impromptu wedding or a date at the Strand.

Last night, they continued to revel in their holy union by hanging out at the American Idol finale in Hollywood, California, USA! Ol’ Rupe is friendly with Idol judge Keith Urban; in fact, Urban’s wife, Nicole Kidman, is the godmother to Rupey’s youngest daughters. (If this doesn’t convince you the Illuminati is real, I don’t know what will …)

Seems like RupHall are all too eager to flaunt their love all around town. I’m sure this has nothing to do with making a certain ex jealous…

RupHall Gets Cozy at American Idol Finale