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Sephora Wants You to Learn ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ for Free

Free Sephora makeup lessons.
Free Sephora makeup lessons. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Even if you find it hard to say “no-makeup-makeup” without wrinkling your nose at the irony, it’s a fact that natural-looking makeup is one of the hardest looks to achieve. Sephora and its cast members want to help, with a free (yes, you read that right) no-makeup makeup class.

The sessions will be offered in multiple locations, not just in New York, and promise to teach you how to “create a fresh, effortless look with subtle makeup in soft, neutral hues.” Even if the “effortless” part sounds dubious (the class is 90 minutes long), at the very least, you’ll learn how to do makeup that will look good in a selfie. If nude tones aren’t your thing, there’s also smoky eye and contouring classes available. You can sign up for it all here

Sephora Has a Free ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ Class