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Yasmine Kittles Files Sexual-Assault Claim Against Heathcliff Berru

Attorney Michael Bressler with Kittles and others.
Attorney Michael Bressler with Kittles and others. Photo: CBS LA

Musician Yasmine Kittles has filed “criminal charges” against music publicist Heathcliff Berru, whom many women — including Dirty Projectors guitarist Amber Coffman — have accused of sexually assaulting them.

For years, Berru’s alleged misconduct was an unkept secret in the industry, but it was “explained away as a personality quirk or the cost of doing business.” A former member of Life or Death — one of Berru’s “crews” — claims that Berru roofied at least two women. When Coffman spoke out in January, many others quickly followed.

In a CBS News report that Kittles uploaded to her Facebook page, her lawyer, Michael Bressler, says that while Berru did issue a public apology, he did not address the illegality of his actions. He also pointed out that even though Berru publicly came forward about his substance-abuse issues, “it is never, and I quote never, an excuse for sexually abusing women.”

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As some of you may know, yesterday I filed criminal charges against Heathcliff Berru for sexual battery. After seeing how many women came forward after us I knew I had to do something more than just comment about it. He has to be stopped and others like him have to know that women will report them. We have to stop the cycle. It will not be easy, and it's scary as hell. But we have the power to change things... if we want to.Thank you for your words of support and strength. I am doing this for not just me but for all others to know they are not alone. And if I have to stand here alone to do it.... I fucking will.***Important Note: It was MY HOME not "his LA Home"***CBS News : PLEASE note your mistake and make the appropriate changes to this story

Posted by Yasmine Kittles on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kittles claims, “In 2009 [Berru] grabbed my ass and then held me down onto my couch as he unzipped his pants &forced my hand on his dick.”

Berru’s attorney, Brian Klein, told “Page Six,” “Heathcliff denies any criminal conduct. We are confident that when the LAPD investigation of her allegations is completed, no charges will be filed.”

Claim Filed Against Accused Music Publicist