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Bernie Bro Susan Sarandon Says It’s ‘Sexist’ to Suggest Women Have to Vote for Hillary

Susan Sarandon. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Susan Sarandon. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Just before New York’s primary on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon reinforced her political beliefs in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She told the magazine she doesn’t think women should feel pressured to vote for Hillary Clinton based on the sole fact that they’re women.

“It’s sexist to imagine that a woman is doing anything based on her gender,”  she tells EW. She continues: “I think it really does women a disservice to think they would be influenced by gender and not the issues.”

Last month, Sarandon got into a bit of a Twitter battle with actress Debra Messing after she said a Trump win could “bring the revolution” in a Daily Beast interview:

“I think Bernie would probably encourage people, because he doesn’t have any ego in this thing. But I think a lot of people are, ‘Sorry, I just can’t bring myself to [vote for Clinton].’”

It’s obvious Sarandon’s pretty solidly in the Bernie camp, regardless of his opponent’s gender. And she’s not gonna budge, even if Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton would like her to “take Tuesday to go drive off another cliff.”

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