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Taylor Swift’s Favorite Cocktail Was Your Favorite Cocktail Freshman Year of College

Beautiful and talented chanteuse Taylor Swift recently gave Vogue a tour of her Beverly Hills home as part of their “73 Questions” interview series, which resulted in a nearly 10-minute-long, entirely natural, and not-at-all-stiff-and-scripted video.

We learned quite a lot about Swift, namely that her favorite cocktail is vodka and Diet Coke, which was our preferred drink of choice back when we used vending-machine soda and a $10 handle of Rubinoff vodka to play mixologist in our college dorm. (Taylor, did drinking whiskey sours with Ina Garten mean nothing to you?!)

Swift also professed her love for Dateline, cats, and chicken tenders. Taylor, we get it — you’re just like us!

Taylor Swift’s Favorite Cocktail Is Very College