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This Body Moisturizer Smells Like a ’90s Cult Perfume

Trilipiderm Lotions
Trilipiderm Lotions Photo: Trilipiderm

A funny thing happened last week in New York: The weather got warm. Legs were bared and arms could finally breathe. Out came the skin, and with it, ashiness. So to fight dry, flaky skin, here’s a little ode to the one of the best body moisturizers I’ve ever encountered.

Trilipiderm is an apothecary brand. It was a retirement hobby that turned into a business, Frank Fanning, the brand’s founder, recently told me. There aren’t many SKUs in the tiny line, but that seems to only heighten each product’s quality. The body moisturizers are Trilipiderm’s crown jewels. The two are nearly identical, save for the addition of SPF in the sunscreen version.

The moisturizers are thick with the texture of creamed butter. Rub on just a dollop for soft, smooth skin that, when caught in just the right light, glistens. When you read the ingredient lineup, you’ll begin to understand how it moisturizers so well. Oils like sunflower, jojoba, olive, and meadowfoam are suspended in an emulsion of glycerin. There’s is a small amount of silicone, too, that works to stop moisture from escaping the skin.

In terms of scent, Trilipiderm’s is a treat. It smells clean, and reminiscent of Gap’s cult fragrance Dream. But the scent still holds a backseat to the lotion’s moisturizing factor. Skin stays soft all day, and, most important, ash-free.

Trilipiderm All Body Moisture Retention Cream, $30, and All Body Moisture Retention Cream with SPF, $36.50 at C.O. Bigelow.

This Moisturizer Smells Like a ’90s Cult Perfume