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Woman Commutes in Face Mask Because Patriarchal Expectations of Female Beauty Never Rest

Photo: finallast/Getty Images

A woman in Ningbo, China, has been spotted wearing an alarming face mask on her commutes to work in the morning, terrifying passengers all around her with the fact that women are expected to be both beautiful and perfect before they even dare leave the house.

Joey, as she’s been identified, reportedly told local reporters that the reason she wears her face mask out (as opposed to behind closed doors, where a woman’s beauty routine should remain, so as to not scare off men and others) is work-related. In negotiating more time for her honeymoon after her upcoming wedding, Joey has been tasked with working more hours at her job and therefore has less time to perform her nourishing face upkeep at home. Wearing a face mask — no matter how terrifying — on her commute to work is really just killing two birds with one stone.

Take note, women. Save time on your routine at home and scare the crap out of an entire train car.

Woman Commutes in Beauty Mask, Terrifies All