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Here’s How to Prepare to Work for Kim Kardashian

Jen Atkin and Emily Weiss
Jen Atkin and Emily Weiss Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

If you keep up with any of the Kardashians, then you know Jen Atkin. The founder and CEO of hair-care line Ouai has been the famed family’s hairstylist for years. Last week she traveled to New York for Into the Gloss’s Top Shelf Live — a live rendition of the trademark rubric that delves into the bathroom cabinets and makeup counters of dynamic women.

In a conversation with Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO of Glossier, where Into the Gloss is an editorial platform, Atkin explained how she prepares:”If there are cameras around, I’ve learned through the years to put some mascara on. And maybe a full strip lash.” She went on to opine that a sleek “Sade bun” is like a facelift, and Troy Surratt’s eyelash curler is “amazing.”

The live Top Shelf touched on other topics, like the importance of supporting other women and the unappreciated grind of becoming a beauty blogger. How Atkin prepares to face the day working for the Kardashians was the cherry on top.

Here’s How to Prepare to Work for Kim Kardashian