The 11 Most Memorable Met Gala Beauty Looks
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11 Most Memorable Met Gala Beauty Looks

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Taylor Swift

Photo: Larry Busacca

On anyone else, this look would be just another day, or maybe even just another morning. But the burgundy-black lipstick and tousled platinum hair are edgier beauty choices for the normally sweet star, who favors classic red lipstick. Consider this part of Swift's version of a Bad Sandy look for tonight. She’s certainly not Red anymore.

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Lily Aldridge

Photo: Larry Busacca

Aldridge’s eyebrows went for gold, in a look that appeared to be inspired by Dior’s spring 2014 show. Social media may have been divided on whether the look was a hit, but gold is better than any everyday brow pencil. I can only hope that gold becomes the brow thickener of the future. 

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Margot Robbie

Photo: Karwai Tang

Robbie's look, created by Pati Dubroff, is a subtler version of Lily Aldridge's. Rather than gilded, Robbie's eyebrows appear to be dusted with a light feathering of gold glitter. When combined with the warm-toned face, it was a pretty, wearable, covetable look that makes me want to brush some glitter through my brows right now. 

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Katy Perry

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris

This beauty look from Katy Perry has sparked a lot of memes. Enough said. 

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Lupita Nyong'o

Photo: Jamie McCarthy

Take me to your leader, Lupita. Whether you love it or hate it, Nyong'o didn’t play it safe with the hairstyle and made a fun, daring choice. Some speculated that this conal style appeared to be inspired by Dr. Seuss, no doubt created using 75 cans of Elnett. I know this isn't the Oscars, but this look should be awarded Best in Technical Achievement. 

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Photo: Larry Busacca

If you collected all of the silver that will accumulate in Ciara’s shower after she washes out this hairstyle, it would surely fetch at least $4 at a Coinstar. Props to Ciara and her hairstylist, Mizani global artist director Cesar Ramirez, for the effort in creating these silvery, slicked-back, and modern finger waves. If this is the hairstyle of the future, I’m in.

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Diane von Furstenberg

Photo: Kevin Mazur

It looks like a kaleidoscope of butterflies nestled in Diane von Furstenberg’s hair. Maybe it was a nod to the machina, part of a sponsorship with Hewlett-Packard, or she got some light cardio by running through a butterfly reserve prior to the Met Gala? In any case, her unfettered hairstyle was an interesting departure, and perhaps it was a way for Furstenberg to secretly smuggle in a tequila flask.

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Kristen Stewart

Photo: Larry Busacca

There’s so much to digest in Kristen Stewart’s beauty look, but focus on the textures, which indicate she was definitely more inspired by machina than manus. The silver-glitter eyelids are futuristic robot, while the glossed-out swirl of platinum hair with roots (a style created by hairstylist Adir Abergel) feels a little retro '80s hacker. 

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Photo: Larry Busacca

The witch hunt for Becky with the good hair is irrelevant. No matter your definition of "good hair," Beyoncé looks great, with her haunting smoky-eye look created by Sir John and her sleek waterfall of subtly highlighted hair. 

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Photo: Larry Busacca

Everyone is speculating that Solange's look is an homage to Lemonade, but Lemonade seems to be doing just fine. Let's focus instead on her pretty nude lip and her joyous, free-spirited trapezoid-style cloud of hair. 

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Photo: Larry Busacca

Cool teens of the future will certainly be wearing blunt bowl cuts like Zendaya. This bowl cut could read as Beatles-like, but the smooth bluntness of the edges and its glossiness make it look futuristic, combined with a sophisticated smoky eye. 


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