11 Dogs Working on Their Beach Bodies

Photo: shelisrolex/Instagram

As summer approaches, humans everywhere are frantically working on molding their flesh prisons to resemble a commercialized beauty ideal (otherwise known as the bikini body). As carbs get shunned and spiralizers are wielded, could it be possible that dogs are taking after their owners’ most grueling attempts at physical self-improvement?

Here are 11 dogs that didn’t get the memo that we’re all working on our caftan bodies now:

Honestly, this French bulldog is being a little braggy about how tiny he is.

Yeah, we know blueberries contain antioxidants, thanks.

You say that Greek yogurt is your favorite snack, but have you even ever tried a handful of raw almonds?

Nobody tell this Brussels Griffon that celery doesn’t actually have negative calories.

Protein keeps Marnie full through her next Barre class.

Who among us hasn’t made this face while staring down office donuts?

Ditto for pizza. The longing …

Looks great, Toby, but no matter how much you try to convince us, fruit salad won’t pass for dessert.

Rufio — juicing isn’t even good for you!

Now this dog has the right idea about what it actually takes to have a beach body.