Andy Samberg Declares Himself One of the Earliest ‘Woke Baes’

Photo: NBC/Getty Images

So-called “woke baes” may be everywhere these days, but the Lonely Island boys want you to know that they were out there spreading the gospel of wokeness long before it was cool.

The comedy trio spoke to Salon about their new film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, which features Andy Samberg’s Bieberesque pop star Connor 4Real performing a riff on Macklemore’s marriage-equality song “Same Love.” “That was inspired by his song, but obviously his is a lot more thoughtful than ours,” explains Samberg. “That song is funny to us because of a new complaint, which is commenting on the way someone is supportive of gay marriage, or of LGB … LGB … my brain is melting.”

But don’t judge Samberg for not knowing his way around an acronym. “We grew up in Berkeley! When we went there they didn’t [say LGBTQ] yet,” explains Samberg. “We grew up just saying ‘the gay community.’ It’s changed now. But anyhow, we were conscious first. We were woke baes early.”

Just how woke is Samberg? So woke that he didn’t even know being gay was, like, a thing, or whatever.

“I honestly didn’t know it was even a thing until high school,” he adds. “I was just like, yeah, some people are like that, some people aren’t.”

Somewhere, Matt McGorry is jealous that he wasn’t born in Berkeley.

Andy Samberg Was One of the Earliest ‘Woke Baes’