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Bernie Sanders Suspends Campaign of Charming Grumpiness to Help Staffer Propose

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

There is no string of words in the English language quite as irritating as viral wedding proposal video — and yet, this Bernie Sanders video is on its way to becoming one of the first good ones.

The Sanders campaign’s social-media director, Hector Sigala, tweeted out a video of the Democratic presidential candidate, which Sigala used to propose to his girlfriend last weekend. In it, Sanders acts as if he’s delivering a campaign statement, then segues into the proposal assist, saying, “Hector has a question for you. He’s a good guy, why don’t you help him out?” (It was — shocker — infinitely more charming than the Ted Cruz promposal.)

Sigala’s girlfriend, Kimberly Riofrio, said yes.

Congratulations Hector and Kimberly! May your marriage be more successful than Bernie’s campaign.

Bernie Sanders Charmingly Helps Staffer Propose