The Best, Worst, and Most Robotic Looks From the Met Ball

Katy Perry, Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift at the Met Gala 2016 Photo: Getty Images

As Met Gala themes go, “tech white tie” is pretty broad. Considering it could mean anything from robotic arms to Mark Zuckerberg’s gray T-shirts, it was anyone’s guess where the invitees would go with it. To inaugurate the Met’s brand-new “Manus x Machina” exhibit, they arrayed themselves as everything from C-3PO and C-3PO’s girlier cousin to an intergalactic waitress.

Some, like Sarah Jessica Parker, chose to evoke the past rather than the future, while others went full Tron. Were there robot arms? Oh, yes, there were robot arms. Click through the slideshow to see all the superlatives.

The Best, Worst, and Most Robotic Met Ball Looks