Sure, Why Not Wear Jewelry Made From Breast Milk?

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Breast-feeding is an emotionally fraught issue, from moms who want to feed their babies without being publicly shamed to those who struggle with getting started in the first place. It’s the subject of countless books, Facebook arguments, and even a documentary called, you guessed it, Breastmilk. Then there are the dangers of mastitis, gnawed-on nipples, awful bras, pumping in tiny bathrooms, having your milk confiscated by the TSA — why not celebrate it with some commemorative jewelry?

Ann Marie Sharoupim’s company Mamma’s Liquid Love is here to provide you with all your breast milk adornments. The New Jersey pharmacist and mother of two told the New York Post that her clients “want to preserve the sweetest, closest moments they had with their little ones.” When a picture just won’t do, moms can send their breast milk for Sharoupim to turn into jewelry. “I take the mother’s own milk (surrogate, milk donor) and preserve it in resin. The breast milk is no longer in liquid form when the jewelry is complete,” Sharoupim writes on her site. The breast milk beads, which Sharoupim fashions into bracelets, necklaces, and rings, could be mistaken for, say, a particularly odd sort of moonstone.

One mom the New York Post interviewed tried to make her own breast milk jewelry using a recipe she found on Pinterest, which went about as well as you’d expect. Her milk “spoiled, smelled weird, and turned orange,” which sounds like a terrible commemorative treasure indeed.

Perhaps some things should just be remembered fondly, or via those Facebook “On This Day” posts, rather than preserved in resin.

Why Not Wear Jewelry Made From Breast Milk?