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One Burger King Wants You to Have It Your Way, So It Became a Spa

Photo: Restel/Facebook

An ATM inside a bodega; a Starbucks in a bookstore; a Taco Bell in a KFC — some things are meant to go together, and Burger King is hopping onboard with an in-store sauna. A Burger King in Finland now offers customers a chance to sweat out their sorrows as they nosh on rare delicacies like Whoppers and chicken fries. Not one to go halfway, the restaurant includes a lounge, a television for playing video games, and custom Burger King robes. Servers are also available to take drink orders while customers spend time in the spa. Burger King may have scrapped their “Have It Your Way” slogan years ago, but it’s nice to see their standards have cosmically aligned with the finer things in life.

A Burger King Is Becoming a Spa