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Former PA Governor Says ‘Ugly Women’ Won’t Vote for Trump

Ed Rendell
Ed Rendell Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Another day in the 2016 election cycle, another terrible thing said about women. Shockingly, this quote didn’t come from Donald Trump, but was made in reference to him.

Former Pennsylvania governor and Hillary Clinton supporter Ed Rendell, speaking to the Washington Post, said the following about Trump’s potential for success:  

For every one he’ll lose 1½, two Republican women. Trump’s comments like “You can’t be a 10 if you’re flat-chested,” that’ll come back to haunt him. There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women. People take that stuff personally.

Ah, but of course, the only thing standing between Trump and the presidency is a hoard of “ugly women” who had their feelings hurt by a misogynistic Oompa Loompa with a trust fund.

Ed, you were just trying to help, but maybe … don’t.

Clinton Ally: ‘Ugly Women’ Won’t Vote for Trump