Reductress Creator’s Birthing Story Is Incredibly on-Brand

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/bethnew

Beth Newell knows how to deliver a joke. As editor of the fake women’s magazine Reductress, which she co-founded with fellow comedian Sarah Pappalardo, she regularly publishes absurdist (and incredibly of-the-moment) satire like “Trendy Crop Tops for Harvesting Dick,” “I Gave Myself the Prettiest Braid Ever, So Now It Is Time to Die,” and “My Toddler’s Male Gaze Gave Me an Eating Disorder.

On Sunday, Newell gave birth to her daughter, Maeven, in the back of a Honda on the way to the hospital. Later that day, she tweeted a joke about the birth story that might as well have been featured on her site.

After the tweet went viral, Honda replied.

She tells BuzzFeed that while they won’t be giving her a new car, they did offer to fund the car’s cleaning and a seat replacement. More important, both she and her baby are doing well. 

Next up on Reductress: “Area Woman Makes Baby Go Viral the Second She Exits the Womb.”

Comedian’s Birthing Story Is Incredibly on-Brand