Condé Nast Supplements Employee Salaries With Rentable Sequin Dresses

No need to raid the fashion closet!
No need to raid the fashion closet! Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

On Tuesday, Condé Nast announced it’s subsidizing a top-shelf Rent the Runway subscription for all employees. For six months, Condé Nast employees can subscribe to Rent the Runway’s Unlimited service for $90 a month, exactly $49 less than what other people pay. The subscription lets you rent three new designer items each month, or what’s known around Vogue as “Monday.”

Rent the Runway’s vice-president of brand marketing explained the partnership. “Oftentimes women end up having to spend a lot more on fashion than men do,” AJ Nicholas told Fast Company. “Men can get away with wearing the same suits and shirts over and over again, and spend less on dry cleaning. If you’re a woman you can’t have that uniform.”

No, at Condé Nast, you really can’t.

Condé Nast Wants Employees to Rent the Runway