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Cool, Simple Underwear for People Who Hate Thongs

There’s a time and a place for fancy lingerie, but what if you just want to be comfortable and avoid VPL? Since 2007, Danish brand Baserange has been making classic, no-frills underwear that incorporates ecoconscious sensibilities with high-quality organic materials like bamboo and organic cotton. In line with its philosophy of minimalism, the brand has introduced the Silsila box set: a collection of four briefs from their spring-summer collection, which are a big step up from those Hanes cotton multipack undies you used to buy. 

To showcase their newest offering, Baserange has teamed up with longtime collaborator Dan McMahon and art director Monica Nelson on a short film that uses the movement of dance to tell the story of giving and receiving. Baserange founders Blandine Legait and Marie-Louise Mogensen say they see the Silsila box sets as “a present from one friend to another.” And you can take home a piece of the film — images from the campaign are embossed on each box set as special-edition packaging.

Baserange Silsila Box Set, $85–99 at Baserange

Cool, Simple Underwear for Thong Haters