The Dad Caught Quietly Reading at the Beyoncé Show Speaks

Photo: Courtesy of abc11.com

The man caught serenely reading in the midst of Beyoncé’s Raleigh concert has finally been found — and he genuinely seems delightful.

His name is George Papageorgiou and he ended up at the show in the first place because he and his wife were selling concessions for their church. He tells ABC 11 news that the book he was reading was a Greek translation of Jules Verne’s Danube Pilot — a book that his parents bought him in Cairo 53 years ago. He’s actually read it “seven or eight” times before, and says, “I love it — probably not another book that’s influenced my love for geography as much as this book.”

As for Beyoncé?

“A great showwoman and very attractive, but her music,” he says, pausing for a very long time, presumably thinking about the potential consequences of upsetting the Beyhive. “Eh. Fine. But not my style. I listen to ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s music. And a lot of Greek music.”


Dad Caught Reading at the Beyoncé Show Speaks