The Best Insult Donald Trump Can Come Up With for Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Goofy’

Warren and Trump.
Warren and Trump. Photo: Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren is a senior U.S. senator, prominent legal scholar, and Hillary Clinton’s unconfirmed vice-presidential favorite. This woman has written books, graduated from law school while eight months pregnant, and once gloriously schooled the GOP on women’s rights. She is so powerful, in fact, that human insult generator Donald Trump can’t even really slight her.

She deftly schooled Trump in a Twitter war on Wednesday, starting with this firestorm of tweets:

As is his wont, Trump chose to address none of these claims whatsoever and attacked Warren personally instead, noting Warren’s controversial, unsubstantiated claim that she is Native American, from four years ago. He called her “goofy” exactly six times.

He has called Warren goofy before, to which she once replied:

Actually, Donald Trump’s best words are right here.

Trump’s Best Elizabeth Warren Insult Is ‘Goofy’