Download the #LemonadeSyllabus Now

Photo: HBO

It’s been just less than two weeks since Beyoncé released Lemonade, but the quality and quantity of discussion around her visual album has been incredible. From cinematic references to religious imagery, Lemonade has given us lots to think about, and there’s no doubt that media critics and theoreticians will be parsing it for years to come. Meanwhile, Bey is surely on her way to an EGOT, and Jay-Z is already planning a response. Plus, one of the movies that Lemonade visually references, Daughters of the Dust, is now getting re-released thanks to a resurgence of interest. And let’s never forget the delicious Lemonade fanfiction.

Writer and educator Candice Benbow started the #lemonadesyllabus hashtag on Twitter, which took off all over the ‘net, from Good Reads to public libraries. As she posted on Instagram:

Benbow has released it as a beautiful e-book that you can download and print out for free. While the target audience is women of color, it would behoove every damn one of us to check it out. Especially that all-dude reading club.

Download the #LemonadeSyllabus Now