accio tax breaks!

Emma Watson Has Been Doing a Little Offshore Investing

Emma Watson, offshore investor.
Emma Watson, offshore investor. Photo: Billy Farrell/

Emma Watson has had quite the busy year. She beatboxed with Lin-Manuel Miranda. She started a feminist book club. Also, she did a whole bunch of offshore investing! Hermione, wherever do you find the time?

While sifting through the database of names obtained from the Panama Papers leak, The Spectator found a one Miss Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. She’s listed as a beneficiary in a British Virgin Islands offshore company.

Her representatives issued the following statement on Tuesday:

“Emma (like many high-profile individuals) set up an offshore company for the sole purpose of protecting her anonymity and safety. Emma receives absolutely no tax or monetary advantages from this offshore company whatsoever — only privacy.”

Obscuro Mossack Fonseca!

Emma Watson Has Been Doing Offshore Investing