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Everything You Know About the Healthy Smoothie Is a Lie

Photo: Gabriela Tulian/Getty Images

What screams summer more than a cool gulp from a freshly made smoothie? Not much, but don’t waste your time thinking you’re doing your body a good deed. It turns out that smoothies are sugary swamps that only make you hungrier, reports the New York Times. And yes, this includes the homemade ones that aren’t loaded with added sugar.

The very act of blending fruits and vegetables destroys nutrients, particularly fiber, which in whole fruits acts as a digestive aid and slows the body’s absorption of sugar. The quick spike in blood sugar makes you feel hungry again sooner. What’s worse is that smoothies are riddled with calories. It seems like the only safe bet for a snack that’s truly healthy is an old-fashioned piece of fruit. RIP your adorable-smoothie Instagrams.

Everything You Know About the Smoothie Is a Lie