Everything You’ll Need for a Drunken Picnic

Picnics are good for only one thing: drinking
Picnics are good for only one thing: drinking

A weeklong series on the art of entertaining, for women who are too busy for Pinterest.

Rabbit Wine Trek Portable Bottle Cooler
Made by the same company who brought you the acclaimed Rabbit Lever Corkscrew, this portable wine cooler needs just 30 minutes in the freezer to keep your Champagne cool for hours. Comes with a handy strap if you want to carry your chilled wine wristlet-style, and the silvery packaging adds a space-age vibe to the picnic. 
Buy it: $35 at Amazon

Corkatoo Double-Hinged Corkscrew
Outdoor drinking calls for an outdoorsy bottle opener; we recommend this tropical “corkatoo.” (If this has a little too much “personality” for your taste, here are some more straightforward options.)
Buy it: $20 at Amazon

Pointer Wine Glass
Even shatterproof wine glasses can’t withstand a sudden gust of wind — but the Pointer glass (which launched via Kickstarter last summer) has you covered. Designed with sudden climatic changes in mind, this glass boasts a stainless-steel pick as the stem, which you can drive into the ground wherever you spread out. Never worry about spilling in the grass again. 
Buy it: $34 on Etsy

Rainbow Acrylic Wine Tumblers
These tumblers save you the worry of broken glass at a picnic while making your white wine look dreamy.
Buy it: $40 for a set of four Amazon

Toast-for-Two Wine Table
You’ll be the envy of your fellow picnicgoers with this bamboo-made contraption that sticks into the grass. (It also works on sand.)
Buy it: $25 at Amazon

Stainless-Steel Bent Drink Straws
A stylish (green) alternative to plastic bendy straws. If you want something you can throw away, try some black-stripe paper straws.
Buy it: $20 for eight at Amazon

Yorkshire Jug
A picnic and barbecue staple — perfect for serving sangria or mint juleps.
Buy it: $77 at Amazon

Sofia Coppola Rosé in a Can
Pretend you’re at a Fashion Week party circa 2004 with these classic Blanc de Blancs – each can comes with a pink mini-straw.
Buy it: $19 for a four-pack at wine.com

Filson Large Soft-Sided Cooler
A lot more elegant than a clunky Igloo model. (Note: Also makes a nice Father’s Day gift.)
Buy it: $275 at Amazon

Photo: @hawkclaw 2016

Palarosa Eucalyptus Tote Bag
The perfect size for carrying bottles, this bag is made of recycled plastic that can be easily wiped down if you spill.
Buy it: $95 at Primary Essentials

Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holders
If your drunk picnic becomes a drunk pool party, you’ll be glad to have inflatable flamingoes to hold your beer while you go for a swim.
Buy it: $19 at Amazon

Custom Marimekko Picnic Blanket
Every picnic needs a blanket, and these custom ones made from deadstock Marimekko textiles are perfect to pass out on as the drunken picnic winds down. For something softer, try Scents & Feel’s Brown Chevron Extra Soft Throw, which also works well as a top blanket if it gets chilly. Complete your new outdoor bed with an outdoor pillow — we like L.L. Bean’s striped Casco Bay Pillow.
Buy it: $200 on Etsy; $51 at Totokaelo; $36 at L.L. Bean

Everything You’ll Need for a Drunken Picnic