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The Couple From the Fake Bachelor Show Is Getting Married in Real Life

Stroma and Braddy on the set of UnREAL.
Stroma and Braddy on the set of UnREAL. Photo: James Dittiger/Lifetime

On last summer’s excellent first season of UnREAL, a scripted drama about a Bachelor-style reality-TV show, Freddie Stroma played the Bachelor and Johanna Braddy played one of the contestants. Now, according to People, Stroma and Braddy are engaged in real life, making UnREAL a successful matchmaking show and The Bachelor, well … The Bachelor.

People reports that Stroma and Braddy got engaged this past weekend in Canada. They have been dating since they met on the show. “We can confirm that Freddie Stroma and Johanna Braddy are engaged,” Stroma’s rep told People. “The proposal happened Sunday in Vancouver. They are both thrilled.”

UnREAL creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro probably is, too — she bragged about getting the couple together on Twitter this past summer.

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