Experience Momentary Joy With Jessica Williams and Dusen Dusen’s New Colorful Home Collection

Namaste. Photo: Brian W. Ferry

Whether you’re the lucky inheritor of a downtown loft that you use only as a pied-à-terre, or you’ve been shacking up on the couch in your cousin’s tiny studio while you “save some money,” the logic prevails that, in any environment, a little pop of color here and there will make your house feel more like a home. Are your pillows a drab gray, your towels a dusty sand color? Sounds like you’re depressed. Why not mix in some joyous prints and bright colors, for crying out loud?

With its new home look book, Dusen Dusen — the brainchild of Ellen Van Dusen — has asked Daily Show correspondent and co-host of the 2 Dope Queens podcast Jessica Williams to show us how a little optimism can go a long way. With a new line of zigzag prints, geometric sheet sets, and shower curtains that actually might inspire you to clean yourself, Dusen Dusen’s new home collection will make you want to actually stay in for once. The new bedding will be available for preorder at Dusen Dusen today, with the whole collection appearing online soon.

Find Happiness in Dusen Dusen’s Home Collection