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Here Are All the Reasons Women Get Paid Less Than Men

How are you getting paid less?
How are you getting paid less? Photo: Thomas M. Barwick INC

As if living in this world as it stands is not hard enough when you’re a woman — tampons are taxed as a luxury, for crying out loud — women can’t even come to work with the knowledge that they’ll get paid the same as their male counterparts. It’s been commonly understood that women get paid less than men for equal work since, I don’t know, the dawn of time. But did you know there are a variety of reasons for why we are getting paid less? And the list isn’t short!

Another new study came out this month that revealed women who don’t wear makeup to work are more likely to get paid less than women who do. Why else are we not getting fair pay for our jobs?

• For having a child.

• For having more than one child.

• For having a child without a partner.

• For working in media.

• For entering a previously male-dominated field.

• For working for white men who don’t promote anyone besides people who look like them.

• For choosing to work part-time.

• For returning to work after motherhood.

• For being a famous actress.

• For being a World Cup–winning soccer player who is also a woman.

• For being a woman of color.

• For working at any one of the major newspapers.

• For having an HR manager who doesn’t believe in the gender pay gap.

• For living in St. Louis.

It’s fun to be a woman.

Here Are All the Reasons Women Get Paid Less