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Harry Styles’s Momentous Haircut Finally Revealed to Swooning Public

Harry Styles, before the haircut.
Harry Styles, before the haircut. Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Harry Styles cut his hair. You know this; I know this; our benevolent and omniscient God knows this. He used to have long hair, and now he does not, after donating several inches of his ponytail to a cancer charity. The question remains: What does Harry Styles’s head look like now?

For the last week, it has been difficult to tell, because he has been wearing a hat. Now, however, a grainy photo of Harry sans hat and hair has surfaced on Twitter. Are you ready to see it?


There it is. Harry Styles’s haircut.

Look, here’s another photo.

I hope you like it.

Harry Styles’s Haircut — Revealed