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Teenage Boys Finally Do Something Good for Menstruation

Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

Some men remain confounded by menstruation — how many “Clueless Men Learn About Periods” videos do we have to endure? — but a group of particularly enlightened high-school boys could teach them a thing or two.

Male students at James Hillhouse high school in New Haven, Connecticut, are holding a one-of-a-kind drive for pads and tampons, which will be given to their female classmates for free whenever they need them.

The high-schoolers, who are part of an African-American student group that’s part of the larger Kiyama Movement, were inspired to start their DIY fundraising efforts after reading about how 86 percent of women had been caught off guard by their cycle and left without period protection. Student leader Samithasen Hubbard told the New Haven Register, “This is an opportunity for us as young men to help diminish the inequality gap between males and females.” These guys are one step ahead of New York legislation to provide free menstrual products to public-school students, women in prison, and other women in need — not to mention women campaigning to end the tampon tax altogether.

Of course, in the future we might not have periods at all! So, that’s fun.

Teenage Boys Do Something Good for Menstruation